It feels light as a whisper and is loud as the word that goes around.
It is an ageless statement for him and for her.

WRISTWOOD is a wooden watch styled keeping in mind that the global persona
enjoys the quiet confidence in wearing it; in knowing that it is being noticed. 

The name is a witty play on a wooden watch, perfect on every wrist. 

An honest expression of value and style. Go green with every piece you buy.
A combination of Swiss movement and Indonesian sandal wood,
with a refreshing, distinctive twist.


Nature is our inspiration story for caring and for style, for creating and respecting.

 People associated with WRISTWOOD have it in them to be stylish and responsible.
Conscious of this green grain, we aim to plantwood returning to nature the
resource used in making every WRISTWOOD. 

 WRISTWOOD is as loud as that word that goes around / 
... Make the statement, wear it and share it. 

We share this with the same pride that you will feel in wearing the WRISTWOOD.


 // The best time to plantwood is twenty years ago. The second best time is now //